Park Rules


– Walk-in with alcoholic beverages or rigid glaciers.
– Animals (except guide dogs).
– Sharp objects, containers or glassware.
– Swimming pool boards, fins, water toys, other objects and floaters (except for baby floaters, armbands and vests for children).
– Run, push, dive and jump into the pool.
– Disrespect the guidelines given by employees and lifeguard.
– The use of radios or other sound equipments.
– Place parasols, tents, towels, chairs or other objects outside the area specified by the staff.
– Placing decorative props and balloons anywhere in the park.
– Use the terrace for consumption of drinks or food not purchased in the establishment.
– Remain on the stairs to access the pool.
– The use of sunscreens, oils or other products that may alter the quality of the water.
– Access the swimming pools with everyday clothing such as dresses, trousers, socks, etc.
– Entrance of children under 16 who are not accompanied by adults who are responsible for their surveillance and behaviour.
– Access to people who, by their state or behaviour, may disturb order or public tranquillity.
– Re-enter the park after departure.
– Smoking near swimming pools.


– Use pool diapers up to 2 years.
– Go through the shower before entering the pool.
– Free the sun loungers in the morning until 1.45 p.m.

Support Equipment

The shadows and sunbeds rented will be available according to the indications at the place and order of arrival, being the natural (tree) or artificial shadows (hat or stem).
When you do not purchase sun loungers you will be in a specific lawn area (subject to availability), where you can place your own parasol (fixing thread required). In case of unavailability of space in the lawn area, it will be necessary to purchase sun loungers, according to rules indicated on site.

Other Rules and Information

The pools close at 6:45pm.

It is recommended not to eat food immediately before entering the water, specially children.
It is recommended to use the sanitary facilities before entering the pool and promote such habit in children who accompany them.

We are not responsible for damage or theft of cars in the parking lot, as well as theft inside the park. We recommend not leaving valuable items inside the vehicle or unprotected inside the park.

Returns of payments made during the visit are only made on the same day and on the spot.

Meal cards are not accepted as a payment method.

Management reserves the right to expel, without return of tickets or any loss to Sirius Park, those who do not comply with this regulation, behave in a dangerous or incorrect manner, or who compromise the order and tranquility of the space.

Anyone who is a repeat offender in non-compliance with this regulation may be prohibited from entering Sirius Park for a period of time to be determined by management.